These songs are INCREDIBLE!!!!

The first song, ‘Bend With the Times’ and it’s wicked bass saxophone arrangements (seriously worthy of ‘Van The Man Morrison‘) only goes to compliment your prescient lyrics whose metaphoric intention is not lost on me… and those jazz hands on that organ brother. Fucking remarkable!! Honest to God! “Smell the smoke/Feel the Earth begin to shake/Hard to say which way to go/Don’t know which road to take.” Perfectly sums up these anxiety addled days were living on!!

THEN you one-up yourself, by pulling a 180 turn with that rhumba Bossa-Nova beat in the second song!!! Very enjoyable!!

Third tune was great fun too. Made me wanna bolt for the tropics with a fun loving honey on my arm who loves to laugh and screw!!! Lol!

Stay well my friend and keep the Muse tuned! Outstanding work!!

Author: Jan Randall

JAN RANDALL is a 🎼Composer/Songwriter living in 🇨🇦Victoria BC CANADA His musical creativity has led him down various roads. This is a part of the story so far. 🎭 Songwriter/Performer for CBC's The Irrelevant Show. 💿 Good Fair World (solo album) 2008 📡 CKUA Radio Host 2005-2008 📡 800+ Original Soundtracks/Studio Owner 1985-2006 🏅Ceremonies for the 2001 World Championships in Athletics (Musical Director and Composer) 🏆Music Director for the Banff World Media Festival 1995-2005 🎭 Music Director for Second City (Santa Monica, Deerhurst, Toronto, Edmonton) 1981-1989 ✈︎ Jesus Christ Superstar World Tour 1970 💻More Info Available in Wikipedia (Jan Randall) 🎶 AF of M Local 246 Lifetime Member ( Board) 2016-2021 🎶 Guild of Canadian Film Composers (Board) 1996-2006
 🎓University of Alberta (Theory and Composition) 1975 🎓North Texas State University 1976 🎓Banff School of Fine Arts 1977 JAN RANDALL IS CURRENTLY TEACHING AT 🎓 University of Victoria 🎓 Victoria Conservatory of Music

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