• That Lucky Scotch

    That Lucky Scotch

    A roomful of actors waiting to go onstage has a very unique vibe. A secret protocol known only to them allows them to jack up each others egos for what is to come and there are strict rules of conduct, never spoken, but set in stone. First and foremost, if you are not in the… Read more

  • A Miracle in Victoria with Ina and Jan

    A Miracle in Victoria with Ina and Jan

    In the early hours of Dec. 21st, Jan and Ina were scheduled to fly to Edmonton but their flight was cancelled. Feeling low and realizing their hummingbird feeders were completely frozen, Ina ventured out the back door in order to exchange it with a thawed one.  Meanwhile Jan was doing the same with a feeder… Read more

  • Be Seein’ You

    Be Seein’ You

    About 35 yrs ago I was hired to write some music for a television show about a young girl and her horse- it was called Letting Go and it was produced and broadcast as a regional prairie drama back when CBC did such things. A week after the broadcast they passed a letter from a… Read more

  • Good Fair World

    Good Fair World

    I wrote and recorded the title track of my album Good Fair World in 2008. This was long before covid, proud boys, or the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read more

  • LJ Mounteney

    LJ Mounteney

    Jan Randall was recruited in December of 2021 to play piano and hammond organ for all of the tracks on this new album by dynamite Vancouver singer LJ Mounteney. Check it out! Read more

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