About Jan Randall

First piano lesson age 2 from Mom.
Fired her age 2 and a half so that I could teach myself without outside interference.
Still working on that.

THE Story (So Far)

I was born in Philadelphia, moved to Edmonton when I was nine. Started performing music in junior high school. My first professional gig was for a carton of cigarettes and a case of beer when I turned 16. Those songs were still in my repetoire when I had a duelling piano show 40 years later- by popular request mind you. I studied classical piano with my mother until I was 3. Then I fired her and continued to learn by ear. She was fine with this. She tells me my first lessons were while I was still inside her. She’d play Bach and I would stop kicking to listen. This still works for me. After faking my way into the University of Alberta music program I learned how to read music while taking a degree in Theory and Composition. Contemporary classical music has never been my favorite (that’s blues) but it did come in useful when I had a later career scoring for film and television. Dissonance is like a level of spice- and I learned how to go all the way even back then. The real secret is learning which chords trigger which emotions, and at this point, I plug that knowledge into a wide range of musical styles.



(1985 -present)
Composed and produced over 800 original soundtracks for the Discovery Channel, the National Film Board of Canada, CBC, ACCESS Television, and various independents.



Publishing original works for piano since 2016

This is our publishing company


(1970 – present)
Improvised piano for live sketch comedy theatre starting with Catalyst Theatre (Edmonton) Second City (Edmonton, Toronto, Deerhurst, and Santa Monica) Die-Nasty, Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, Rocket Sugar Factory, Atomic Improv and many others.