Jan Randall was born in Philadelphia but raised in Canada when his family moved to Edmonton in 1961. His first concerts were for his school at the age of 13. Two years later he formed his first professional band The Scandal which started playing community hall dances playing covers of Top 40 songs from the radio.

His mother taught classical and jazz piano but lessons didn’t take as he preferred to play by ear. Even at the age of two, he demonstrated a command of absolute pitch with an ability to transfer whatever he heard to the keyboard.

In 1970 he toured the world with a folk rock band made up of high school friends collaborating on original songs. This band was called Manna, and they performed with symphony orchestras as part of a concert featuring songs from Jesus Christ Superstar. The experience encouraged Jan to apply to the University of Alberta Music Department where he received a degree in Composition and Theory. Little did they know that he faked his way in and learned how to read music with the help of some of his classmates. By the time he graduated, he was writing for symphony orchestras. In 1976 he enrolled at North Texas State University where he studied jazz and big band arranging.

Jan Randall has spent his entire life as a professional musician and composer. Today he lives in Victoria BC writing songs, classical piano pieces and playing in his blues band Rhythm Train.