• Blues Blues Blues

    Blues Blues Blues

    Since receiving a facebook message from guitarist Terry Medd last year, my life has taken a dramatic change for the best., I had not connected with Terry for nearly 40 years. Back then we were both part of the Edmonton live music scene and had played in a couple of bands together. Read more

  • Blues, R&B and MORE

    Blues, R&B and MORE

    RHYTHM TRAIN pulls into THE LOFT every THURSDAY 6pm-9pm starting Feb. 10 Read more



    I am starting a new act with legendary musician Jack Lavin! Stay tuned for where and when we will launch. After meeting them last summer I have been involved in a number of recording and performance projects and all I can say is there is magic in the air. Read more

  • Live Country Blues

    Live Country Blues

    Vancouver music legend Brandon Isaak invited me to sit in with his trio a few nights ago for his show at Hermann’s and magic was made. Read more

  • Blues Combo

    Blues Combo

    Today I start teaching BLUES COMBOS, a course offered at Comosun through VCM. Here are some YouTube Links for my students. I hope they use them! Many of these songs compare the original Robert Johnston version to the covered version. Read more

  • Fall Update

    Fall Update

    So many new projects on my plate now I barely know where to start. Laying down tracks for what is still a secret recording project that will knock everyone’s socks RIGHT off! Read more

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