Blues Blues Blues

(L toR) Terry Medd, Ross Hall, Jan Randall and Jack Lavin

Since receiving a facebook message from guitarist Terry Medd last year, my life has taken a dramatic change for the best., I had not connected with Terry for nearly 40 years. Back then we were both part of the Edmonton live music scene and had played in a couple of bands together.

(L to R) Ross Hall, LJ Mountenoy, Jack Lavin, Jan Randall

Now Terry was moving to Victoria so he texted “would you like to come check it out my new recording studio?” Well, YES! That visit quickly turned into helping Terry record some of his original blues tracks. The other musicians included blues god Jack Lavin (Powder Blues) and first call drum ace Ross Hall (The Kingpins). After meeting them, I soon found myself on a stage at the Rib Fest with the legendary Big Hank Lionhart and his band The Kingpins that included a hero from my childhood, sax man Wayne Kozak. Then my new brother Jack hired me to appear on an album he was producing for Vancouver blues singer LJ Mountenoy. Ross too! What was happening? I felt like I was strapped onto the front of a train, it was all very exciting. The studio for the album had a vintage Hammond organ with a Leslie. I was in Heaven.

Dallas Harlen killing it with some BB King licks

Since then Jack, Ross and I started a new band Rhythm Train that now plays at The Loft Pub every Thursday night. We had Terry Medd join us as a special guest for the first two weeks, followed by harmonica wizard Powell St. Slim and some true musical magic from guitarist Dallas Harlen. But I know this is just the beginning because we also were recruited to give two concerts with Maple Blues Award winners Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whitely. As if THAT wasn’t enough, we also were treated with a couple of songs from Eugene Smith (Ronnie Hawkins Band).

Here I am with brother Jack. He noticed I needed a cool hat, and generously gifted me this beauty.
This is now my Lucky Hat.

There’s lots more ahead for Rhythm Train. If you read this, come on by and say hello. There’s a lot ahead of this last month is any indication of the future.

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