Piano Podcast Coming

Seems everyone has a podcast. SO much content being created everyday and it is absolutely staggering.

So why start one?

Our Piano

The odds of creating a following get steeper as the numbers continue to increase. I just googled “piano podcast” and up popped a long list including educational, improvisational, and therapeutical topics. There is even a top ten piano podcasts for 2021. How can I hope to make THAT list?

But live music was in jeopardy long before covid or even the internet. From the dawn of the age of recording, musicians have had to compete with the economics of competition from their own creations.

So the musical podcast is perhaps a newer way for artists to try to connect with people. In theory. I believe that somehow I am different enough to justify the labor. There are few enough piano players out there that play and think like me, in part because I have been creating music for a VERY long time now, and continue to explore and expand my knowledge of style.

My piano podcast is coming. And I will be playing the piano. And it will be like nothing anyone has ever heard. Including me. So do join me. I will call it Jan Randall Plays the Piano.

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