Krista Monson

Cirque du Soleil - Casting Director

"Jan is a skilled and inspiring music composer, arranger, producer and director. I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration." Krista choreographed several of the feature numbers for the IAFF 2001 World’s Championships Ceremonies for which Jan was Music Director and Composer.

Holger Petersen, C.M., D. Litt

Stony Plain Records - President and CEO / CKUA and CBC- Broadcaster

“My deep respect for Jan and his music goes way back.   He is one of most well rounded, and talented composers, musicians, arrangers and producers I've worked with.  Always easy going, and a ton of fun.  We started doing projects together years ago and I look forward to many more.”

Ian Ferguson

Independent Director /  Writer “How to Be a Canadian”

"I have had the pleasure of working with the remarkable Jan Randall on a number of projects over the years, both for stage and for television, and he is the real deal and probably some kind of genius."

Ruth Smillie    

Globe Theatre - Artistic Director and CEO / Zeke and the Indoor Plants - Writer/Director

“Working with Jan Randall on Zeke and the Indoor Plants was one of the best artistic collaborations I have been involved with over the years.”

Graeme Coleman

Film Composer

“Jan Randall and I served together on the board of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada for several years, and formed an almost instant friendship in the process. Jan's musicality and sense of humour shine through at all times, and one of the high points of our friendship was a trip we took together to Las Vegas... which of course I can say no more about.”

Dr. Malcolm Forsyth

Composer, Professor of Music - University of Alberta

“As a composer, he shows considerable talent and extraordinary enthusiasm and diligence. He most assuredly has my warmest recommendation. ”

Adam Meggido   

LAMDA Head of Foundation/Assoc. Dir. NYT

Artistic Dir. Extempore Theatre - Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

“Jan Randall is one of only two musicians in the world who has played for the full 50 hours of the London/Edmonton marathon improvised shows and as such occupies a very selective Hall of Fame! He's skilled, versatile, playful, and a real asset to any company.”

Dr. Rob Turner

Former President and CEO of Sheridan College

“I have known Jan for approximately 47 years and have yet to meet someone who does not appreciate him for the caring, brilliant, humorous and charismatic man that he is. Jan's love of life, the people he encounters and the world around him is reflected in  extraordinary music. This lifelong burning passion for music has resulted in his exemplary evolution as a composer, arranger, musician, teacher and mentor.”


Brian Dunsmore

CKUA Radio Network - Executive Producer

“Jan Randall covers it all.  He creates, produces, performs, and presents the very best.  Music, that is.   And that is why he was such a fine music host at CKUA.  Because he is capital G Good.”


Fred Keating    

Lindisfarne Productions Inc. - Event Producer - MC - Actor

"I work with Jan Randall at every opportunity and that's been 6 - 7 times a year over the past 30 years. I've contracted him to play live for large corporate/government events that I produce and host. I've contracted him to score television, film and radio projects as well as my own corporate website. He's got Mozart's temperament, Chopin's fingers, Meatloaf's ability to rock and Jelly Roll Morton's ragtime and jazz instincts. Book him if you can ... but the line forms behind me.

Glynis Whiting    

Writer Director Producer

"I love working with Jan as a composer. He dives into the work with a sense of joy, and is a true collaborator. His music elevates my films, and I learn so much from him on every project. Jan, thanks for making me look so good." (Glynis is a freelance artist and together they did several NFB documentaries and episodes of The Nature of Things.)

Jim Wheatley

Board of Dir. 1996 World Figure Skating Championships

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your work on the music. I think that it is a great success. I heard it again on CBC this morning and I am always thrilled and excited by it. Thanks for the good work! ” (Jan composed and produced the music for the global broadcast of the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 World Figure Skating Championships.”

Tom Dodd

Access Network - Executive Producer

“Jan Randall is a gifted composer/musician who has produced many a fine tune for many of our finest productions. He has a good sense for what works well in film and television production and is willing to make sure his work is of the highest standards and satisfies. I highly recommend Jan both as a person and as a professional.”

Bill Hobson    

Crowtown Studio- Owner- Producer- Engineer- Musician

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jan the performer for many years and more recently with Jan the producer. It’s always been pleasant  and in spite of his vast talent and experience he has remained humble and never makes you feel as if you’re beneath him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a composer, arranger, producer or performer.”

David Lereaney    

Actor/Dialect Coach

“That Jan Randall is an extraordinary musician and composer goes without saying but Jan was my accompanist and true supporting actor in Billy Bishop Goes to War. I was supremely confident (not to mention constantly amazed) with Jan as the wind beneath my wings during those 70-some performances.  HIs personality oozes through his fingers on the keyboard and my performance as Billy would have been less than it was had Jan not been my wing man.”

Ken Regan

CKUA Radio Network - CEO

“Jan Randall was a great classical music host on CKUA Radio ... knowledgeable, friendly and very professional.”

Andrew Alexander    

Second City - CEO

"Thanks for your music, energy, sense of humor, and generous creative input. You will always be part of the Second City family and tradition.”  (Jan was with Second City in Toronto, Edmonton, Huntsville, and Los Angeles.)

Michael Jorgenson   

NAIT - Instructor Myth Merchant Films - CEO/Producer/Director/Writer

"Music is an essential tool in the arsenal of every storyteller involved in screen production 

and Jan Randall is brilliant at teaching the business and process of creating music

that elevates the narrative."

Larry Reese

Red Deer College - Head of Performance, Motion Picture Arts

“I have known Jan Randall pretty much all my life and have had many, many opportunities to work with him in a professional way as a musician, band member, composer and recording session player/producer. He has scored a highly successful feature film I directed, Naked Frailties which has been aired all over the world.

He is one of our top workshop guest artists here in the Motion Picture  Arts program at Red Deer College (RDC) and has proven on many occassins that not only does he have the chops as a man of music but that he is a top notch instructor as well. I love the man dearly.”

  1. W.Paterson Ferns C.M.

Ferns Productions - Pres.

“Jan is an inspiring and innovative composer, arranger and performer.

At Banff he always delivered just what we wanted...and more!”

(Jan was the Music Director for the Banff World Media Festival Awards for more than 10 years when Pat was running the festival)

Donovan Workun

Atomic Improv CBC Irrelevant Show - Comedian

“I've been lucky enough to have worked with "Chips" Randall for over 15 years. He's fast, funny and a king of the pop culture musical reference.”

Monica Miller

CKUA - Radio Producer and Host

“You know he’s not your average ‘joe music lover’ when he can wax poetic on everyone from Randy Newman to Chopin.  His passion for the greats was a key ingredient in his success as a radio programmer for CKUA.”

Doug Woolgar

Live Event Producer•Director

Douglas Woolgar Productions

“What Jan brings to the table is years of experience.  What that means to me as an event  producer is that Jan always finds a way to lift the audience’s experience at an event, no matter what the musical genre we’re working in.  That’s a rare and gifted talent.”

Mark Antonelli

CKUA - Classical Radio Producer and Host

“As a radio broadcaster Jan Randall draws on his background as a composer with an intimate knowledge of the mechanics of music and by doing so he’s able to present a piece of music from two different perspectives: as a listener and as a composer providing an extra dimension to his broadcasting work.”

Kim Clegg

Rat Creek Designs - Owner

“Jan is a multi-talented composer and performer and all around great guy. We've worked together on numerous projects over the years all the way back to the early nineties.
Jan is very collaborative and innovative, truly passionate about his projects and very client focused. His love of music and many connections with the arts scene in general give him an incredibly rich tableau of influences to choose from as well as access to a lot of great talented musicians to bring on board as collaborators.”

Andy Donnelly

CKUA Host Producer

“The Celtic Show”

" Jan Randall is truly one of those great voices in radio today. "

Eva Colmers

Writer - Director - Producer

“Jan listened carefully to my specific needs before he sat down to create a very unique, creative and fitting music for my NFB documentary. He was always well prepared, insightful, on time and overall pleasant to work with. He draws from a wide musical background and is able to compose AND play in many different musical styles.”

Douglas Cole

The Image Works - CEO Producer/Director

“We’ve used Jan’s talents over many years and he has provided innovation, style, understanding and great musical abilities to the projects that we’ve had the delight to engage him on. Always a pleasure and a joy to work with.”

Tony King

CKUA - Radio Producer and  Host

"Jan Randall's ebullient on air presence is only matched by his intuitive understanding of music across all genres. A guy who brought a crystalline beauty to the air waves thanks to his sense of humour and investment in his show here at CKUA."

Joanne Riediger-Duebel

Coordinator, Excellence in Teaching Awards Program, Province of Alberta

“Your musical interludes, creative personalized introductions of each award winner, and the beautiful rendition of your original Thank You song were a big part of the evening’s success. Having worked with you on this event over the past four years, I’ve come to expect the best. You delivered- again. Thank you. ”

Jerry Krepakavich

NFB Executive Producer-Director    NAIT Instructor

“I have known and worked with the amazing Jan Randall since practically prehistoric times and have always been amazed at the intelligence and musicality that he puts into his compositions. As a film producer and later as a sound designer/mixer his material always just lifted the projects to another level.”

Paul “Duke” Paetz

CKUA Senior Technical Director

“Jan Randall’s extensive musical knowledge and entirely professional presentation would, normally, be enough to make a great radio host.  What sets Jan apart, is his ability to present his wealth of knowledge and experience  wrapped in a wry wit and delivered in an inviting, welcoming way, as if you were sitting down in his living room and having an intimate, personal conversation over expertly curated musical selections.”

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My Story

I am a musician. My professional life began as a band leader and sideman in the live music scene of Edmonton in the late 60‘s. Largely self-taught, I wrote songs, sang lead and backup vocals, played keyboards, bass and guitar.

My education came to include jazz and classical theory, composition and arranging, for which I hold a Bachelor’s Degree. At the same time I became involved in the world of theatre and comedy improvisation. In 1985 I started composing and producing soundtracks for radio, television, and film. In the last 10 years, teaching music has become an important addition to my life as I continue to be involved in a wide diversity of projects that span different aspects of performing, composing, and recording.

I now live in Victoria BC with Ina Dykstra, who is also a music performer, composer, and teacher. I compose and perform songs for CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show, teach at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and improvise music for completely improvised comedy shows every August at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.